GOEX Black Powder

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GOEX Black Powder

GOEX Black Powder is manufactured for civil war re-enactments, flint lock firearms, and other sporting applications. GOEX Black Powder is a vital component for industrial and military applications. GOEX Powder remains the only U.S. manufacturer of black powder.

GOEX has over a 200 year history of black powder manufacturing in the United States and GOEX Powder, Inc. works to uphold the company’s history and tradition.

GOEX is a very popular brand of black powder and the only black powder made in America. GOEX Powder comes in sporting grades Fg, FFg, FFFg, FFFFg, and Cannon grades.

GOEX was started in 1802 by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours with his original black powder manufacturing facility nestled by the Brandywine River in Delaware. In 1997, GOEX moved to Louisiana. In 2009 GOEX was bought by the Hodgdon Powder Company and became GOEX Powder, Inc and significant manufacturing enhancements were made with the addition of state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to improve employee safety while maintaining the high quality of the black powder produced.