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Remington Reloading Supplies
One of the most famous names in the firearm industry, Remington has been producing elite guns and ammunition since Eliphalet Remington hand-crafted his first rifle in 1816 at his family’s forge in Herkimer County, New York. Today, their reloading components are considered to be amongst the best on the market. At Powder Valley, we’re proud to carry Remington primers, bullets, and caps.

Remington primers are formulated to ignite quickly in any weather conditions. From a freezing snow-covered forest to a humid jungle, these rifle, shotgun, and pistol primers are engineered to perform.

Remington bullets are precision-crafted to provide consistent trajectory and a powerful impact. Powder Valley carries bullets from Remington for both rifles and handguns. Choose from soft point, hollow point, and metallic coated bullets, in 100 ct bags.

For caplock muzzleloaders, nothing beats the consistency of Remington caps. These black powder percussion caps are ideal for all weather conditions and are temperature insensitive. Recently redesigned to provide 40% more flame, they’re a favorite with experienced muzzleloader hunters.

Like all reloading components at Powder Valley, products from Remington prove their worth in the field every day. From recreational hunters to professional competition shooters, Remington guns, ammo, and reloading products remain as popular a choice as they were a century ago. Remington reloading supplies from Powder Valley are available at the lowest possible prices. Shop today, and bring home the components you need to reload your own high-performance ammunition.