Shooters World Smokeless Powder

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Shooters World has quickly earned a reputation as one of the top smokeless powder brands on the market. The founders, Karen and Ned Gerard, have competed in the Olympic Games, World Championship, and U.S. Championship, and know exactly what discerning reloaders are looking for in their propellent. Add in their partner, and former U.S. Army marksman, Ken Johnson’s thirteen years of experience developing powder, and it’s easy to see why Shooters World powder is so highly regarded.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art ballistics testing facility nestled between the majestic Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains, Shooters World has established themselves as leaders in innovation. Currently, they manufacture high-quality powder for just about every cartridge under the sun. Shooters World rifle powder includes propellent formulated for everything from .17 caliber varmint hunting rounds up to powerful .50 caliber rounds. When hitting your mark within millimeters from distance counts, Shooters World Precision Rifle powder is a great choice. If your firearm of choice is the AR, specialized AR Plus powder from Shooters World is a must-try. Powder from this popular company is also available for pistol rounds and shotgun shells.

Manufactured to be easy to measure, temperature and humidity insensitive, and consistently powerful, Shooters World smokeless powder is an excellent option for beginner reloaders who are just learning the craft, as well as experienced hunters and match shooters. Powder Valley is proud to carry a full selection of Shooters World powders. Shop today, and bring home a premium powder at the lowest possible price.