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The rapid sequence of events that lead to your bullet hitting its mark all begin with the primer quickly and consistently igniting your powder. For this reason, dependable primers are an extremely important reloading component that no experienced reloader will overlook. UNIS GINEX primers offer consistency that matches other premium primers on the market at a fraction of the cost.

A manufacturer of ammo components – as well as blasting caps and electric igniters – since 1951, this Bosnia-Herzegovina–based company knows a thing or two about turning a spark into a bang. Primers from UNIS GINEX are available with standard SINOXIDE priming mixture charges, as well as EKO priming mixture that’s formulated to be free of heavy metals.

Quality UNIS GINEX Primer for Rifles and Pistols

Whether you’re assembling match-grade ammo for your rifle, or mass-producing rounds for a family trip to the shooting range, these primers are sure to perform. Each UNIS GINEX pistol primer and rifle primer is manufactured to meet high-standards and is designed to be easy to install.

Formulated to be temperature insensitive, you can count on them whether the conditions are sub-zero or scorching-hot. UNIS GINEX makes primers for a wide range of rounds, from the smallest calibers to the biggest rounds commercially available.

A history of excellence, a high-tech priming mixture, and costs that undercut the competition make primers from UNIS GINEX a must-have component on your reloading supplies shelf. Shop Powder Valley today, and discover UNIS GINEX primers at the lowest possible prices.