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Muzzleloading Round Balls, Bullets and Sabots


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Muzzleloading Round Balls, Bullets and Sabots

When you’re hunting with a muzzleloader, you get one shot to make your kill. Made to meet exacting standards to guarantee a consistent trajectory, muzzleloading round balls, bullets, and sabots from Powder Valley will help you make your one shot count. Find muzzleloading sabots that are designed to provide a perfect seal between bullet and barrel. This provides consistent power, shot after shot. Add your powder, tuck your bullet in a sabot, and ram it down into place. Load the primer and take aim. You’re just a trigger-pull away from hitting your mark like a pro.

Muzzleloading bullets from Powder Valley are available in a variety of different designs, from hollow point bullets, popular polymer-tipped bullets that offer improved ballistics, and more. Powder Valley carries both flat base bullets and boat tail bullets in a number of different grain weights and calibers. Premium bullets from industry-leading brands are available in 10, 15, and 24 ct. packs. From the shooting range to the wild, they promise a reliable, accurate trajectory, and a powerful impact that will stop your target dead in its tracks.

Powder Valley is proud to provide the muzzleloaders of America with top-quality bullets, sabots, and balls. We understand that hunting with a muzzleloader is an art unto itself, and that our customers demand the very best in primers, powder, and projectiles. Whether you’re an experienced muzzleloader hunter, or just getting started with this challenging, yet extremely rewarding sport, you can put your trust in our industry-best products. Shop Powder Valley today, and discover muzzleloading bullets, sabots, and round balls at the lowest possible prices.