CCI #500 Small Pistol Primers (1000 ct.)

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CCI #500 Small Pistol Primers (1000 ct box)

Mass produce your own ammunition with CCI #500 small pistol primers from Powder Valley. CCI has a reputation for producing high-quality reloading components.

CCI #500 Small Pistol Primers are a smart choice for dependability and consistency. Powder Valley carries CCI #500 primers in 1000-ct boxes.

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35 reviews for CCI #500 Small Pistol Primers (1000 ct.)

  1. c Turner

    It is inconceivable that CCI cannot produce enough primers. Surely there
    is an explanation for the short fall in supplies? Please explain.

    • Bryan Richardson

      Demand is beyond what anyone could imagine. The shortage right now is worse than what we experienced in 2008 and 2013. Primers are severely constrained on capacity. When ammunition sales are through the roof like they currently are the manufacturers use their primers to produce their ammunition. Us reloaders are left out in the cold.

  2. Understanding Reloader

    Leaving a review on the actually product quality and performance. Goes pop and has gone pop in everything I have used them in. Patiently waiting for them to come back into stock and will buy as many as I can.

  3. Loodis

    I’ve used these for years, great product. I believe that they are probably producing primers for the big ammo manufacturers before producing them for reloaders, which makes sense to me. If you have a customer that wants to buy 500 primers or 5 million primers, who do you take care of? If you’re in business, you take care of the customer who is going to buy 5 million (the big ammo mfgs.). Hence the shortage.

  4. Wulfmann

    CCI have become my go to SP primers. I rate them better than all others and I have used tens of thousands of primers.
    I understand those who compete prefer Federal because they are softer allowing weaker main springs to be used making trigger pull very very light but for practical training and SD shooting I want “normal” hardness

  5. John B

    Not sure why one would leave a poor product review because of market conditions, but here’s a 5 star for flawlessly performing primers from CCI!

  6. Mark D (verified owner)

    There is not a better primer on the market today. I use every configuration of CCI primer made including the Military models. CCI continues to provide the HIGHEST quality product to the consumer at very very fair prices. My Dillon reloaders LOVE these primers and I try to not use anything else…..

    If you want a high quality consistent primer that ALWAYS goes – B-A-N-G when you pull that trigger – buy CCI primers….. I know – because I have loaded over 100,000 CCI primers in my 40 years of reloading


    My son was a professional IPSC shooter for a few years. One of his 13 corporate sponsors was CCI and they were absolutely great people to work with. They would ship him 40,000 to 50,000 primers at a time, I don’t know how many he received over the years but it was hundreds of thousands. His SV Infinity pistols had extremely light triggers in the 1.5-pound pull range. He never had a CCI primer fail to go bang out of all those used. We both still use nothing but CCI primers partly from loyalty but mostly due to the fact that they are fantastic primers.

  8. Russell Holding

    their GREAT.

  9. John Breivogel (verified owner)

    Here is a 5 star review for a great product, and not to mention 5 stars to offset bad reviews blaming CCI for things that are outside of their control!

  10. Caio Azevedo

    Great primers and Powder Valley is a great company to buy from. During the shortage and this pandemic my order was shipped within 2 days!!! Great service!!!! Great quality!!!! The shortage of primers beyond their control shouldn’t reward them a 1 star.

  11. Timothy

    Leaving a bad review because you didn’t stock up on primers before the shortage is your own damn fault! CCI makes some of the best reloading products available. Obviously some people are naive and arrogant. They also have no idea of how the ammunition industry works and the strict regulations in acted on these manufacturers. These people most likely voted for the political fools who passed these regulations!

  12. joebklyn

    Here is the President of CCI addressing the primer shortage.

  13. Benjamin Benedetti

    Garbage to the manufacturer selling to the big buyer first. The rush on ammo will subside, then the suppliers of primers will be trying to kiss the feet of the reloader. Start importing primers from other countries and supplying the reloaders with stock if this country wont. We will remember how they worked for us in the future.

  14. Larry Covey

    In the past I have had very good luck with the primers I purchased.

  15. Larry Covey

    Very good.

  16. Dana g henry

    Great company

  17. Johnny Morris


  18. Dakota K

    Very nice

  19. Mark Macko


  20. Richard Quackenbush

    The best…

  21. Jerry

    Seem like a good site

  22. Fred Sobeck

    Just found your site and am impressed.

  23. Ian

    Great site

  24. Joe Truman

    Very good

  25. Grayson burnell

    Great product

  26. Mitchell


  27. Billy Helveston


  28. Billy Helveston

    Good deal

  29. Anthony

    Great products

  30. Don morris

    Price on primers

  31. Justin Droomer

    Great products

  32. Raymond Forbess

    Very good!

  33. Adam

    Love these primers and great deal and service

  34. Matt byam


  35. Mark Smikahl

    Excellent firing, never had a failure!

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