Hodgdon Bl-C(2)

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Hodgdon Bl-C(2) Rifle Powder

BL-C(2) is a spherical powder that began as a military powder used in the 7.62
NATO, commonly known as the 308 Winchester. When it was first introduced to the
handloader, benchrest shooters and other target shooters made it an instant success. BL-C(2)
works extremely well in the 223 Remington, 17 Remington, 22 PPC and or course, the 308
Winchester, plus many more.

Hodgdon BL-C(2) rifle powder is a spherical powder originally used in the military for the 7.62 NATO and was a natural choice for the 308 Winchester. BL-C(2) has become especially popular for handloaders such as benchrest and target shooters. It works extremely well with 223 Remingtons, 204 Rugers and many others. This propellant comes in 1lb and 8lb containers.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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107 reviews for Hodgdon Bl-C(2)


    superb groups in my 20″ USGI FN upper with 75 and 77gr match bullets.
    Also performed excellent in my CZ550 308 with 175 SMK and 178 ELD-M bullets

  2. William Cale (verified owner)

    Outstanding behind 69 gr Sierra match hps. Burns very clean in my A2.

  3. william Mcglinchey

    works extremely well in 30/30 with 170 grain bullets

  4. Clint

    This is a very good medium burn rate powder. Its very similar burn speed to Varget, Reloder 15 and Norma 203B. It will work very well in cartridges of the 308 Winchester family. It will also work well in smaller things with heavy bullets. I have had some of my most accurate groups with this powder. Center to center groups in the sub 1/4 minute range can be obtained in a quality rifle with other quality components and a competent shooter. The down side to this powder and the reason for 3 stars is the temperature sensitivity. This powder works well in moderate temps. In severe cold I have experienced hang fires due to delayed ignition, and in extreme heat (temps in the 105 and up range) I have experienced major pressure signs including blown primers. If you live or work in an area with a temperature extreme at either end of the scale this is probably not a powder for you. If you shoot in a more controlled environment this is a powder capable of remarkable accuracy. Just my 2 cents worth, take it or leave it.

  5. Dave B


  6. wayne ball


  7. Dalton Kates (verified owner)

    If you are shooting a 6.5 creed make sure it’s a large rifle primer brass and not a small primer brass. The small primers cause nothing but hang fires below 50° and anything above is a hit or miss. I am running hornady brass large primer pocket
    Federal Gm210m primers
    130 gr vld Bergers
    39.0 blc-2
    At 30° its avg 2770 fps and sd is 5.0
    I shoot prs and this load has worked flawlessly this past weekend in 19° weather in western PA. Mid February Hope this helps!

  8. Rod

    This is my go to powder for 5.56 55gr fmjbt loads. 26.5 grains in LC brass with a CCI 41 primer and excellent accuracy. I would need to go a bit higher for M193 approximations but I like to leave a bit of room for margin of error.

  9. Thomas F. (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great powder for .223 and .204 loads.

  11. MICHAEL (verified owner)

    I haven’t had time to do any loads yet but my experience with powder valley has been absolutely phenomenal, I will continue to do business with this company

  12. Clay (verified owner)

  13. Randy M. (verified owner)

  14. Ronald W (verified owner)


  15. Ken Knoll (verified owner)

    What’s not to like? Hard to find powder in stock. PV really pulled through.

  16. John C. (verified owner)

    Great place to do business

  17. David Fyffe (verified owner)

  18. Daniel M. (verified owner)

  19. Ken (verified owner)

    My order was fast and accurate.

  20. David R. (verified owner)

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    good powder, good seller

  22. john L. (verified owner)

    extremely fast shipping, and good pricing

  23. Roger Ford (verified owner)

    Been looking for BL-C 2 for over 2 years, like the way it burns and tight groups.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick processing and shipping. Excellent service. Thank you.

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping.

  26. GARRET S. (verified owner)

  27. Caleb K. (verified owner)

    Great powder for a fair price with very fast shipping.

  28. James S. (verified owner)

    Great service

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. Steven Severson (verified owner)

  31. Michael (verified owner)

    I have been using BLC2 for decades. It is a good 223 556 powder. It is also good for M1 garand loads. Look on the Hodgdon. Every powder order from powder valley comes quickly and never a hiccup yet.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    they did very good in shipping and not a bad price.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    By far the “best of the best”…

  34. Robert B. (verified owner)

  35. Benjamin M. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping

  36. Robert G. (verified owner)

  37. Bryan C. (verified owner)

    Excellent tried and true powder for .308 and .30-06. Powder Valley actually had some in stock but limited purchase to 1 8# and 5 1#. Be glad when this insanity dissipates and powder and primers come back to real prices for serious shooters.

  38. John P. (verified owner)

    Nice, versatile powder. Works well for .223 and .308.

  39. KURT STONE (verified owner)

  40. JOHN S. (verified owner)

    Excited on Product availability, can’t wait to try it!

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

  42. William Mcdonough (verified owner)

  43. Jose G. (verified owner)

  44. Charles S. (verified owner)

    Quick reliable service. I haven’t used a lot of BL-(2) yet but now that I have this I’ll be developing and using some new loads.

  45. James Hathaway (verified owner)

  46. MICAH W. (verified owner)

    Beating Brownell’s and Midway on price and usually availability. Quick shipping, and nice people.

  47. DWAYNE G. (verified owner)

    This has become my go to powder for 223 so I hope you won’t like it so there’s more for me.
    Maybe I shouldn’t do good reviews but for some reason I’m always honest except when the wife is knocking lamps over haha.

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As always, good service from PV. It’s a shame the price is so high.

  49. Scott Cilley (verified owner)

    Best price, fast shipping, all around good service. They never gouge you even when they can. This is my new go to business. Thanks powder valley.

  50. Chris (verified owner)

  51. Brian Boney (verified owner)

    Good stuff for 55 gr .223

  52. Jerry B. (verified owner)

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great price , prompt shipping . Excellent service !

  54. Roy Ivett (verified owner)

  55. Jeremy Finucane (verified owner)

  56. richard jones (verified owner)

    Shipping time was good and products were very well packaged

  57. James T. (verified owner)

  58. Dan R. (verified owner)

    Still working up loads for this, & so far the results are very good. Used in .223 Savage, Rock River Varmint upper, Wyndham Weaponry upper, & .224 Valkyrie.

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

  60. David (verified owner)

  61. James S. (verified owner)

    nice to see product in stock – ordered it – and had fast shipping

  62. Robert (verified owner)

    Good price, product availability and excellent service.

  63. Anonymous (verified owner)

    always the best and the fastest, thanks PVH

  64. Glenn Moore (verified owner)

    excellent ordering, excellent service

  65. Steve H. (verified owner)

    Great product. Will buy again.

  66. GERRY F. (verified owner)

    Outstanding service! Powder Valley not only had the powder I wanted in stock, but it was delivered the day after I placed the order! Anyone looking for reloading components over the past two years is no doubt familiar with the disappointment of the all too often out of stock notifications. And, on the rare occasion when products are available, shipping is often excruciatingly slow. This couldn’t be further from the case with Powder Valley. If they have it in stock, you’ll have it in short order! Can’t beat that!

  67. Marion Danak (verified owner)

    Excellent transaction with fast shipping and reasonable pricing

  68. Daniel (verified owner)

    This is some good stuff! Very happy with it. You guys are awesome too!! Shipped to me in 3 days!!!

  69. David M. (verified owner)

    Good fast service, thanks.

  70. Randolph (verified owner)

    Price was excellent and received it within a few days, can’t ask for more.

  71. RICHARD L. (verified owner)

    Finally able to purchase my go to powder for .223. I’ve never bought powder in 8lb. containers before as it was always available.

  72. Charles K. (verified owner)

    PV is really the best powder supplier online, and I’ve used several others, just not the same experience as PV. Trust is important for these multi 100’s of dollars sales and these guys are tops for getting what you ordered and fast. What else is there?

  73. DAVID (verified owner)

    Quick efficient delivery, easy to order and do business with!

  74. James C. (verified owner)

    Great powder for .223/5.56X45 with 55 grain FMJ bullets. Nice groups, meters very, very consistently and right now a very favorable price compared to other .223 powders.

  75. Thomas L Cox (verified owner)

  76. GEORGE SMITH (verified owner)

    I have dealt with Powder Valley in the past and always a pleasure. Good products at reasonable prices.

  77. Roy Ivett (verified owner)

  78. Shane (verified owner)

    This was a great experience. Great products and great prices. Thank you

  79. allen herman (verified owner)

    Thanks for having what I need

  80. Phil R. (verified owner)

  81. scott hastings (verified owner)

  82. Floyd (verified owner)

    I would definitely purchase from Powder Valley again!

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

  84. Mark M. (verified owner)

    Great price and in stock!

  85. THOMAS L. (verified owner)

    I haven’t used this powder yet but gave it four stars because I was able to get it.

  86. George M. (verified owner)

    My favorite for .222 and sold out most places

  87. Gerald zanardelli (verified owner)

  88. Wallace Glaze (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and packaged very well.

  89. Dale Keith (verified owner)

    great power and service

  90. Robert G. (verified owner)

    I used BL-C2 for over a decade without a problem. It meters well and works with 55 to 69 grain bullets.

  91. Thomas F. (verified owner)

    Price and shipping were right on point and fast. Bought this as a test run to see how your organization operates and you didn’t disappoint. Will be buying more in the near future.

  92. Dan (verified owner)

    Originally bought 1# bottles & glad the 8# was available.

  93. DAVID M. (verified owner)

  94. WALTER (verified owner)

    Been using this powder in my .223 Rem for 10 years and it works great.

  95. Raul Raygosa (verified owner)

  96. ROBIN T. (verified owner)

  97. Martin S. (verified owner)

    Excellent powder for .308 and 7.65 Argentine

  98. Gerald R BROOKER (verified owner)

  99. Gibson Discount (verified owner)

  100. John Mavroudis (verified owner)

  101. John A. (verified owner)

    great service, have not used this powder yet.

  102. Dave Baker (verified owner)

    Good experience, reasonable price, fast shipping.

  103. Wetzel (verified owner)

    Exactly what I ordered and on time.

  104. JOSEPH SCOTTI (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient service wish you had more powders in stock

  105. Robert Norris (verified owner)

    Never any problems dealing with Powder Valley. Shipping is quick. Prices even with Haz Mat & Shipping. Is lower than what I would pay at the big retail stores. As long as I order 8 pounds.

  106. Michael Elliott (verified owner)

  107. Anonymous (verified owner)

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