Hodgdon “Hi Skor” 700X Smokeless Powder

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Hodgdon “Hi Skor” 700X

This extruded flake powder is ideally suited for shotshells in 12 and 16 gauge where clay target and light field loads are the norm. It doubles as an excellent pistol target powder for such cartridges as the 38 Special and 45 ACP and many more.

Hodgdon “Hi Skor” 700X smokeless powder from Powder Valley is ideal for shotshells and target pistol rounds. Choose from 1 lb and 8 lb containers today.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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150 reviews for Hodgdon “Hi Skor” 700X Smokeless Powder

  1. Joe Cinko (verified owner)

    Steady powder provides steady results. Very consistent from 16 yard line trap.

  2. Richard E. (verified owner)

    Great product and service!!

  3. Scott K. (verified owner)

    My go to powder. Glad I was able to get a Keg.

  4. RONALD BROOKS (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure when dealing with Powder Valley

  5. Mark M. (verified owner)

    I have been using this powder since 1974. Excellent in any temperature range and very versatile, from 12 ga. 1 1/8 oz. Handicap loads to 7/8 oz. loads in the 16 ga.

  6. Bernard Brown (verified owner)

    Fast shipping

  7. MATTHEW (verified owner)

  8. Ron B. (verified owner)

    Great experience!! Received product as described soon than expected.

  9. James Phillips (verified owner)

    First time buyer here. Price was very good considering the market, shipping and hazmat fees were reasonable. Packed and shipped promptly. I’ll be back!

  10. frank denton (verified owner)


  11. Dan Zweifel (verified owner)

  12. George (verified owner)

    Glad I looked that day…an got lucky with the 700x. Thank you… the purchase went fine…

  13. Robert N. (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. ROBERT SEMSACK (verified owner)

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Powder Valley shipped fast and at a nice price, Thank you

  17. TED (verified owner)

    Thanks for the great service and fasssst shipping

  18. Rodney Morihara (verified owner)

    Very efficient

  19. Larry (verified owner)

    It took no time for my order to arrive.

  20. Tim C. (verified owner)

    Pleasent,knowledgeable company

  21. Joseph (verified owner)

    Customer service is outstanding

  22. Gregory (verified owner)

  23. ANTONIO PEREIRA (verified owner)

  24. Troy smith (verified owner)

  25. William Page (verified owner)

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent Service

  27. Dustin (verified owner)

  28. michael nelson (verified owner)

    Please send me alert when more available

  29. Greg A. (verified owner)

    Great place to order from! Fast shipping! Great prices!!

  30. Antonios Spiliotis (verified owner)

  31. Rafael N. (verified owner)

    As always, your products, prices and service are excellent. I have been a customer for years and have enjoyed doing business with your company and staff. Friendly and helpful always. Please keep up the good work. I know you have been trying hard to keep the prices down and this has been thoroughly appreciated.

  32. wayne horton (verified owner)

    Great service and shipping on time

  33. ROBERT MIKESELL (verified owner)

  34. Carl (verified owner)

    Great powder for 12G clay target shells. I run 7K-10K per year loaded with 700X, no issues regardless of cold or hot weather.

  35. Cono Natale (verified owner)

    Great service and quick delivery

  36. Matt D. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, I will continue to support this company as they do it right!

  37. Patrick S. (verified owner)

    As always, Powder Valley did a great job.

  38. DAVID L. (verified owner)

    Powder Valley, YOU’RE THE BEST.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great powder in 1 oz 12 ga load. Great company. Fast service. My go to place for all things powder. Especially now!!!!!!

  40. James K. (verified owner)

    In stock and shipped right away

  41. Charles P. (verified owner)

    Great powder at a great price ! Powder Valley has never let me down.

  42. MATTHEW (verified owner)

    Best place to buy reloading components!

  43. James P. (verified owner)

    Awesome service. Unlike some other vendors, you actually give people time to complete their order. Can’t tell you how frustrating it is to put something in your cart and have it sold out from under you before you can complete the purchase. Shipping was excellent!
    Just under a week from time of order to delivery.

  44. Patrick K. (verified owner)

    Very versatile powder.

  45. Dale K. (verified owner)

    Quick and painless.

  46. Stephen Rice (verified owner)

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and it arrived and no signature required

  48. Eric (verified owner)

  49. Janice (verified owner)

  50. RONALD BROOKS (verified owner)

    Fair price and zero delivery issues

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

  52. James G. (verified owner)

  53. steve s. (verified owner)

    Great sevice

  54. DALE W. (verified owner)

    A very fair price and fast shipping. No complaints whatsoever!

  55. Carl T. (verified owner)

    Great job had it in 4 days

  56. Wayne S. (verified owner)

    Great service fast shipping fair prices will use again.

  57. Ronald (verified owner)

    Pricing was reasonable

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

    i have used 700x for years in my trap shooting

  60. SCOTT KELLY (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure to do business with Powder Valley. Thank you!

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Service and friendly customer service people

  62. Richard (verified owner)

    Product and delivery couldnt have been more prompt ,,great service and selection during these times of shortages

  63. E Ellingsen (verified owner)

  64. Janice (verified owner)

  65. JERRY (verified owner)

    Shipped same day

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    No problems quick service.

  67. Patrick (verified owner)

    This may be the best 45 ACP powder available. Accurate, clean… It’s also a great 12 gauge powder.

  68. Daniel Parker (verified owner)

    Notified me via email when this powder was in stock again. Good pricing and it shipped out the same day I ordered. PV was the only place that had the 8lb keg, which takes the sting out of paying the Hazmat fee the shipping companies mandate. Thank you Powder Valley

  69. GARY A. (verified owner)

    Thanks guys,
    I was Recently able to purchase 700X, awesome experience, Had my powder in less than 7 days

  70. Tim C. (verified owner)

    Powder valley is the best online company I purchase from.

  71. David M. (verified owner)

    Ordered and items arrived in a quick fashion at a very fair price. Would use powder Valley again

  72. Steven P. (verified owner)

    Pricing and availability are great. Very quick processing of my order and timely shipping. Very easy to do business with Powder Valley.

  73. Frank (verified owner)

    Great service and fast shipping

  74. Cecil Bobak (verified owner)

  75. Scott S. (verified owner)

    Fast Shipper, good price, didn’t require a signature at delivery. A+

  76. Fred Jackson (verified owner)

  77. robert (verified owner)

    super fast shipping! no hidden fee!

  78. Thomas Hetzer (verified owner)

  79. William (verified owner)

    consistent loads ,clean burning

  80. WILLIAM S. (verified owner)

    fast and smooth

  81. Addy (verified owner)

    Very timely with delivery

  82. Todd (verified owner)

  83. Steve Berg (verified owner)

  84. bill j. (verified owner)

  85. David (verified owner)

  86. Pamela (verified owner)

    Wow! Super fast, trouble-free ordering and lightening delivery. Fair prices and reasonable hazmat fee. This was my first order and Powder Valley is definitely going to be my go-to vendor from now on!

  87. Thomas Sweeney (verified owner)

  88. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s my go to powder for sporting clays great powder with consistent velocity for 1oz. Load Remington gun club hull 17.5-18.00 grain TGT12 wad.

  89. Gregg Kay (verified owner)

  90. frank denton (verified owner)

    the product is good and the service and shipping is even better!

  91. John J. (verified owner)

  92. STEVE TORRIS (verified owner)

    Great deal hard to find.
    Great service

  93. Michael Waters (verified owner)

  94. Robert Morris (verified owner)

  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

  96. DALE Lyons (verified owner)

  97. Daniel R. (verified owner)

  98. TIM H. (verified owner)

    Super service. From the person taking the order to fast shipping

  99. Sebastian (verified owner)

    great transaction, fast delivery, need more

  100. William Page (verified owner)

    quick and easy

  101. STEVE TORRIS (verified owner)

    Great service definitely good

  102. Joseph C. (verified owner)

    Delivered on time, thx

  103. Paul Wolcott (verified owner)

    Great service and very fast shipping, Thanks again

  104. Anonymous (verified owner)

  105. Eric (verified owner)

  106. Anonymous (verified owner)

  107. Charles Murray (verified owner)

  108. Joseph Riordan (verified owner)

    As always, one of the best vales around and order was processed quickly and efficiently !!

  109. Dennis Meyer (verified owner)

    Great price and delivery

  110. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick order processing and shipping from their facility.
    It was lost for a few days by UPS and 3 delivery delay updates from UPS but that’s no fault of Powder Valley.
    Good news is UPS kept me posted as to the delays.

  111. Mark M. (verified owner)

    Great pricing compared to the other big names and fast shipping if in stock. Sucks that our great country is having to go through this BS. I’m just trying to keep my JH Shooting Sports kid fed with ammo and not go bankrupt.

  112. Thomas Sweeney (verified owner)

  113. Michael C. (verified owner)

    I’ve been a fan of Powder Valley for many years. Good prices, and great service.

  114. Jim Z. (verified owner)

  115. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick shipment and delivery.
    Great powder, been using it for years.

  116. GREG MCPHERSON (verified owner)

  117. James LaFrance (verified owner)

    Great price and fast shipping

  118. William LEE (verified owner)

    Order was shipped about a week after the order is placed. Once the item gets going. It’s here in a couple of days. Thank you and it’s good to be back (haven’t bought from PV since 2009 lol).

  119. William (verified owner)

    Great price and service

  120. Patrick M. (verified owner)

    Great price, came quick no problems. Will be getting powder here from now on!

  121. ROBERT B. (verified owner)

  122. frank denton (verified owner)

    Powder is good, use a lot of it, and the service from Powder Valley is Fast & Great!

  123. Stephen B. (verified owner)

    I read the reviews that spoke about how great Powder Valley was!! I wasn’t let down.. I was amazed how fast the delivery was…Especially during Xmass time!! I received updates on the tracking of my purchase… I tip my hat and shotgun at Powder Valley and say Merry Christmas!! Thank You!!

  124. Leonard (verified owner)

    Recently purchased shotgun powder. Great service, prompt delivery and a good price!

  125. Joseph T. (verified owner)

  126. Anonymous (verified owner)

  127. William Zbaeren (verified owner)

    Fast service

  128. Robert (verified owner)

    Good price. Wish I had bought another 4 lbs.

  129. Robin (verified owner)

    Great price and fast shipping. I’am not a robot.

  130. Peter Morgavio (verified owner)

  131. Jeff (verified owner)

    Great service, prompt delivery. Thanks

  132. John (verified owner)

    Good communication and timely delivery

  133. Ron B. (verified owner)

    Easy to order, came as promised.

  134. Darrell (verified owner)

    I believe shipping was a little high is my only issue

  135. Paul K. (verified owner)

  136. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipped fast

  137. DALE L. (verified owner)

    This is a superior product. Hodgdon smokeless powders are some of the best on the market.
    I was able to acquire mine through Powder Valley at a superior price!! Their service was great. Shipping was fast and reasonable as well. Thanks to all at this wonderful establishment!!

  138. Samuel S. (verified owner)

  139. GARY BAILEY (verified owner)

    700X is my go to powder for 12 gauge 7/8 ounce target loads. Powder Valley is best place to buy it!!!!

  140. Jim Zinser (verified owner)

    Great 1 oz target loads

  141. Anonymous (verified owner)

  142. Brian (verified owner)

    Great to deal with!

  143. Brent F. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping!

  144. Jerry (verified owner)

  145. GREG MCPHERSON (verified owner)

  146. DAVID B. (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for the help with my order

  147. Don Smith (verified owner)

  148. Dennis D. (verified owner)

    Other than a confusing register and sign in everything went as planned.

  149. Anonymous (verified owner)

  150. Peter Olson (verified owner)

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