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Hornady .284 / 7mm 190 Grain A-Tip Match (Aluminum Tip) (100 ct.)

Hornady .284 / 7mm 190 Grain A-Tip Match (Aluminum Tip) (100)


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Hornady  7mm 190 Grain A-Tip Match (Aluminum Tip)

Years of research and testing by the Hornady® Ballistic Development Group, combined with advanced manufacturing processes and quality control measures have led to the creation of the ultimate low drag, high performance match bullet.

Use of a new A-TIP™ seating stem is required for optimal bullet seating.

Product Features


  • Aluminum tip is precision machined and longer than polymer tips which moves the center of gravity and enhances inflight stability.
  • Aeroballistically advanced tip design results in tighter groups and reduced drag variability.
  • Perfect blend of ogive, tip length, bearing surface and optimized boattail by caliber.


  • Doppler radar verified low drag coefficient (high BC) bullets are forgiving of twist rate, seating depth and muzzle velocity.
  • Refined design of the AMP® bullet jacket offers industry leading uniformity and concentricity.


  • Right off the press – sequentially packaged, one clone after another for the ultimate in consistent performance.
  • Minimal handling throughout the manufacturing process ensures consistency from bullet to bullet.
  • Packaged with a polishing bag to prepare bullets for loading (bullets aren’t bulk washed after manufacture).

Expanded BC Values for A-Tip™ Match Bullets

  • Mach 2.25 (2512 fps* and above) – Velocities above 2,500 fps and distances out to 300 yards.
  • Mach 2.0 (2232 fps*) – Use this for mid-range shooting where the bullet spends time in flight after slowing down.
  • Mach 1.75 (1953 fps*) – Use this for long-range shooting where much of the bullet flight occurs after velocity loss.
BC Values Mach 2.25 Mach 2 Mach 1.75
G1 0.838 TBD TBD
G7 0.422 TBD TBD


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