Hornady 50 Cal .499 Dia 290 Grain Bore Driver FTX Bullet (20)


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Hornady 50 Cal .499 Dia 290 Grain Bore Driver FTX Bullet

Fast and easy to load, the Bore Driver™ FTX® delivers the ultimate in muzzleloader performance. At the heart of the system is a polymer base (not a sabot) that seals the bore to deliver maximum energy transfer and accuracy. Atop the base is the FTX® bullet, featuring a rugged gilding metal jacket coupled with patented FlexTip® technology and an InterLock® ring that deliver maximum lethality.

When you have one shot this muzzleloader season, make it count and use the best – Hornady® Bore Driver™ FTX®!


Without a sabot, the Bore Driver™ FTX® seats quickly and easily for shot after shot performance.


The FTX® bullet incorporates an InterLock® ring that helps retain bullet weight upon impact that when coupled with a tough copper alloy jacket delivers deep penetration and expansion for the ultimate in on-game lethality.


FlexTip® initiates expansion even at low velocities enabling enhanced muzzleloader terminal performance.


The polymer base features a post that fits into the bottom of the bullet. This post swells in diameter at ignition for better torque engagement from inside the bullet and the centering petals grip the bullet’s boattail while the skirt engages the rifling to maximize energy transmission.

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