IMR 8208 XBR Smokeless Powder

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IMR 8208 Smokeless Powder

The latest in the versatile IMR line of fine propellants, this accurate
metering, super short grained rifle powder was designed expressly for match, varmint,
and AR sniper cartridges. Ideally suited for cartridges like the 223 Remington/5.56mm,
308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO and the 6mm PPC, shooters will find IMR 8208 XBR totally
insensitive to changes in temperature, while yielding max velocities.

Hodgdon IMR 8208 XBR smokeless rifle powder is a medium burn propellant that is ideal for match, varmint and AR sniper cartriges. 8208 XBR yields maximum velocities and amazing accuracy. This propellant is preferred by many varmint rifle hunters. A great choice for 223 Remington, 308 Winchester, the 6mm PPC and many others.

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11 reviews for IMR 8208 XBR Smokeless Powder

  1. Mr. B (verified owner)

    8208 has been one of the easiest powders I’ve worked with to get great results. It likes to be filled close to 100% case capacity, and when you tune it right, you’ll get single digit SD’s across multiple loadings on a ladder work up. Great, great powder choice.

  2. rverlan1

    Nothing Better for a 6.5 Grendel

  3. Jay

    Run 25.0 grains of IMR 8208 XBR in my AR 223 with Sierra 55 grain Blitzking’s. Super accurate and temp stable in 100 + degree heat all day in prairie dog towns!

  4. Robert Taylor

    .363 MOA with Grendel using this powder. Highly recommend.

  5. cachemates64

    One of my favorite powder for the 22-250, great results and easy to load.

  6. mizermankx

    One of my favorite powder for the 22-250, great for varmint loads.

  7. mizermankx

    Great for 22-250

  8. Mizermankx


  9. Rich

    There is a reason the label is gold

  10. Denny Bonwell

    IMR 8208 and 123 SST are the MOST accurate load I have found for both my 6.5 Grendels. So it goes with out saying its my deer load,with many quick clean kills to its credit, five stars!

  11. wjdell444

    I tested with precision bullets MTAC 55gn. The group was .304 at 50 yards. They say it’s not temperature or positionally sensitive. Would probably be a good military powder. As far as cleanliness I do not know never fire more than 20 rounds. 1 in 7 twist 16.5 in barrel HK. One day I will try it in my 1 in 7.8 Obermeyer 20 in barrel

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