Shooters World Clean Shot D032-03

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Shooters World Clean Shot Smokeless Powder

Shooters World Clean Shot Smokeless Powder ballistic results show it to be highly versatile, with low residue in a myriad of pistol cartridges. It has similar burn rate to Winchester 231, Hodgdon Titegroup®, and Accurate No. 2®.

This propellant can be used in virtually all pistol cartridges, and 12 gauge shot shell target loads. A fine grain spherical propellant, it meters extremely consistently with volumetric chargers. When used with certain shot shell reloading machines, it is recommended that a PC-PB-2 Powder Baffle be installed to ensure proper machine/propellant interaction.

With the gas generation rate of Clean Shot Powder, loaders can achieve high velocities with .45 Auto, .38 SPL, and .45 Colt and similar low-pressure cartridges. This propellant will also enable cycling and nominal velocities in high-pressure semi-automatic firearms chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, .380 Auto, and others. Additionally, this propellant can be used for reduced loads in virtually any revolver cartridge, whether magnum or standard.

Clean Shot is a canister form of Explosia bulk propellant D032-02.

Ballistic load data using SAAMI test methods and standards for Clean Shot is available at

Ballistic load data using European CIP test methods and standards for D032 propellant is available here.

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  1. The Colonel

    Meters very well. This powder provided the lowest standard deviation out of about 10 powders I tried. Similar burn rate to Winchester 231. It was reasonably clean burning but not significantly different than other powders.

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