Accurate 2460 Smokeless Powder (1lb & 8lbs Containers)

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Accurate 2460 Rifle Powder

The name says it all. Accurate 2460 smokeless powder from Powder Valley will help you hit your mark every time. Shop 1 lb canisters and 8 lb jugs today.

Accurate 2460 is a double-base, spherical rifle powder that is fast burning and a slower derivative of AA2230 powder. This powder has slightly higher loading densities than AA2230 and is suitable for small and medium sized caliber applications. Options are provided to fine tune and optimize loads and combos with calibers ranging 223 Remington, 308 Winchester, and light bullets in the 30-06 Springfield. Made in the USA.

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4 reviews for Accurate 2460 Smokeless Powder (1lb & 8lbs Containers)

  1. MaddAzzShooter

    I’m in a process to improve the performance on my .25-45 SRC since very little data is available. This powder while not giving the best velocities absolutely stellar accuracy the 87gr TNT and 110gr FTX by producing sub-MOA (AR15 DI) groups and single digit SDs across both work-ups. The performance puts this cartridge squarely in league with the (6.8 SPC). This powder’s density wasn’t as the manufacture claimed by being on the fluffy side and not allowing more powder in the case as AA2230.

  2. Steve C (verified owner)

    Excellent powder for 223 Rem with 55 gn FMJBT. Chrony data clearly indicates good average velocities and, more importantly, low standard deviation. My data includes multiple batches and that suggests lot-to-lot consistency is pretty darned good.

  3. paul wyak (verified owner)

    needed a powder for 30/06 and i was lucky enough to score some of this power (in these trying times). although not ideal for the 30/06 i gave it try. very fine grains that measure very consistently. my load was 150 gr hornady btsp interlock. i settled into a 48.5 gr producing 2800 fps with and extreme spread of 17 fps! i shot only 3 round groups but consistently .80″ groups with most bullets touching. i’m very happy and i have more left over for .223, 30/30 and some other calibers. very versatile rifle powder.

  4. James Angove

    I love 2460 use it a lot

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