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This new Winchester pistol powder has all the latest features for a mid-range, burn
speed, propellant. Winchester 244 BALL Powder? Propellant is a WINCLEAN? product with
a host of attributes, including reduced copper fouling, clean burning and precise metering.
The versatility of this fine powder can be found in 9mm Luger, 45 ACP, 38 Special and many,
many more pistol cartridges. From plinking rounds to top competitive target loads, 244 is a
?Clean? winner!

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

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48 reviews for Winchester 244

  1. Terrence Osman (verified owner)

    Great Company fast shipping. Wed site is always updated

  2. WAVERLY EPES (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly.

  3. joseph randick (verified owner)

  4. Joshua K. (verified owner)

  5. GERRY G. (verified owner)

    In stock and quick shipping.

  6. Kenneth (verified owner)

  7. Dalton G. (verified owner)

    As everyone knows, reloading components are scarce these days. I was glad to see this in stock. Shipping time was great.

  8. lewis (verified owner)

    Fast ship and easy to use site! At least they are trying to get product out to us reloaders!

  9. TOM (verified owner)

  10. martin m. (verified owner)

    As I am fairly new to reloading, it has been nice being able to try out different powder and primer combinations. I have not been able to get this powder to the range yet but will send a revised review when I do.
    Thank you Powder Valley for a great price and extremely fast shipping.

  11. Patrick Bray (verified owner)

    All my dealings with Powder Valley have been very positive. The prices are competitive and their service is excellent.

  12. LARRY (verified owner)

    It was in stock as promised, shipped and arrived quickly and price not out of whack – like they had been everywhere for a long time

  13. Dale Paugh (verified owner)

  14. Jeffrey M. (verified owner)

    Great product and price, fast shipping thanks!

  15. Lawrence (verified owner)

    Great pricing and fast shipping. Highly recommend Powder Valley.

  16. Lee (verified owner)

    Measures very well, burns clean

  17. Edward Hall (verified owner)

  18. John K. (verified owner)

  19. Torie (verified owner)

    I’m more than satisfied with the hassle free order and delivery.

  20. willis e. (verified owner)

    Good price and shipped out in a timely matter.

  21. Michael K. (verified owner)


  22. Douglas Dixon (verified owner)

  23. Timothy (verified owner)

    Just rating the service for now as this is a new powder for me to try. Love the fast shipping and reasonable fees.

  24. Birger J Vorland (verified owner)

  25. JOHN E. (verified owner)

    Super clean burning powder for medium sized handgun cartridges, great service and prices with Powder Valley!

  26. Allen Schneider (verified owner)

    I live in CA. You can not find reloading powder anywhere?
    I went on line and found Powder Valley. The prices were great and
    shipping was awesome .

  27. jim naber (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised and on time

  28. Bobbie D O. (verified owner)

  29. JAMES TAYLOR (verified owner)

  30. Dennis R. (verified owner)

  31. Lucilio Medeiros (verified owner)

  32. Dennis (verified owner)

    Very fast service great price for a good product will order from you again.

  33. Robert (verified owner)

    Powder Valley is TOPS , Fast Shipping at Reasonable Pricing !

  34. David B. (verified owner)

  35. Robert M. (verified owner)

  36. Pete (verified owner)

    Communication was good, price was good and, shipment was timely, so it’s all good.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Jeff Snodgrass (verified owner)

  39. Matthew (verified owner)

  40. todd M. (verified owner)

    Shipped next day with prompt delivery & tracking.

  41. john cullen (verified owner)

    great i needed the new type powder

  42. Mark Anderson (verified owner)

    Glad to see someone has powder. where’s the primers? I’ll keep watching!!

  43. DARRELL (verified owner)

    Good prices and good service.

  44. ARCHIE (verified owner)

    New powder to me, but sounds like it fits the bill. Thank you!

  45. PAUL PEREGRINE (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. No problems

  46. Robert VanDeventer (verified owner)

  47. DAVID C. (verified owner)

  48. Jim Moyer (verified owner)

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